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Yehniiva - Women Empowerment and Advancement in Sierra Leone

Honoring mothers - with friendship, microcredit, learning, teaching, and a vision of rich harvests to uphold the rights and dignity of mothers, families, and communities in Sierra Leone.

The word Yehnivva is from the Mende language and means 'in honor of mothers'.

Yehniiva is a community based and a solution-oriented organization with outreach programs geared towards disadvantaged women and youth in five neighboring villages of the Bo District of Sierra Leone Soutern Province. Yehniiva provides and supports formal and non-formal education, economic, social, cultural, health and self-help projects. Yehniiva advocates for its members and provides an opportunity of decision makers in the U.S.A. and Sierra Leone to support issues facing women and youth in Sierra Leone.


Yehniiva accepts the challenges and demands of the life struggles of its members by promoting socio-economic development programs, instituting bacic hygiene and healthcare services. As a vital component of economic survival, Yehniiva instills democratic awareness among the women and youth through leadership efforts. Yehniiva seeks to help improve the lives and well being of disadvantaged and marginalized groups of people in Sierra Leone.

Goals and Objectives

Provide micro-credit financial resources to establish profitable self projects that encourage and sustain entrepreneurship among women and youth to strengthen self reliance and economic capacity. Support the formal education of children, especially the girl child. Provide saving opportunities through sustainable development. Improve housing, nutrition, health and living status of women and their families. Support women and youth groups in improving leadership skills and promote self confidence and active participation in decision making. Educate women, men, and youth about the dangers of drugs, violence, war, contagious disease, seizures and epilepsy, developemental disabilities, slavery and its impact of human dignity. Help women and youth channel energy and resources towards positive and effective outcomes.


Yehniiva welcomes your support in whatever form you are able to offer it. For in-kind and material contributions, to volunteer, or for more information please contact:

Beatrice Nyehsowo Moigula

Project Coordinator

Yehnivva: In honor of Mothers

51 MacDougal Street, Suite 485

New York, NY 10012

e-mail: farda_usa@fardasl.org

If you can offer financial support, please send a tax-deductible check or money order, to :

Friends of Africa Relief and Development Agency USA, Inc.

a 501 c (3) non-profit organization indicating funds are for:

Yehniiva: In Honor of Mothers

Please mail contributions to:

Beatrice Nyehsowo Moigula
Project Coordinator, Yehnivva
c/o FARDA USA PO Box 50236, Raleigh, NC 27607