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FARDA Sierra Leone seeks support for former child soldiers, and girls and women in difficult circumstances in Sierra Leone. We undertake several programs to assist our target groups. FARDA was established one or two years into a war that eroded the poor people of all dignity. Some people called the war a senseless war, others a curse. Yet others called it Blood War, referring to the blood of children, women, and other poor people as gun men, hired by bandits and selfish elite, fought government forces over diamond and other mineral-rich fields of Sierra Leone.
An old saying goes: a stitch in time saves nine. If timely help is not provided now that the guns have silenced, another grave problem is that the number of children, teenagers and the youth who may go onto the streets due to social and other problems would reach disproportionate levels. This in no doubt will contribute to the spread of the killer disease (HIV/AIDS), and other sexually transmitted diseases, and to banditory and other problems. Many of the children and youth would in most cases become criminals, or victims of abuse and crime. Thus a successful implementation of the projects would greatly contribute to the prevention of a lot of undesirable situations that would befall our communities.
The ex-child fighters and many of the young ex-combatants who fought alongside the rebels and local militia would find place in the (new) national army, now that the war is over. But many may be abandoned. Those abandoned but wishing to go back to school, or to participate in vocational skills training of some sort, would benefit from our programs. A successful completion of our programs would also decrease migration by students in search of schools in the country's capital city where they think life would offer them more in the form of better accommodation, food and living conditions, among other things.

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