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FARDA’s Goals

FARDA seeks support for former child soldiers, and girls and women in difficult circumstances in Sierra Leone.
Five projects we wish to undertake in the near future that carry the theme of these goals include:

Project 1: Schooling for girls and former child soldiers. Thousands of children were forced into sexual slavery, mining and military combat during the 11 year civil war. Today, these children are in need to education and normal childhood activities. Join or help FARDA to provide education, feeding, housing and other support for these children.

Project 2: Sierra Pen Friends Club. After a brutal and devastating war, contact with children and youth of other regions offers psychological and spiritual healing for Sierra Leone’s youth. In the near future, FARDA would like to initiated a Sierra Pen Friends Club. The club will allow students in the US and Canada to write to and befriend students in Sierra Leone.

Project 3: Women in Farming and Education (WIFE) Program. The woman is the backbone of the rural household in Africa, particularly in polygamous marriages. She farms and prepares food, and raises and educates the child. Help these impoverished women realize their struggle for recognition and equality through construction of women’s centers.

Project 4: Educate the youth on HIV/AIDS. HIV/AIDS is slowly but steadily devastating communities in Africa. Help us fight HIV/AIDS through education and other support.

Project 5: Community conflict resolution. FARDA is interesting in finding and supporting professionals to educate communities on peaceful and effective ways to deal with conflicts on many different levels, from between communities to within households.